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30 Bulk Long Life Multi-Purpose Pantry Boosters


January 1, 2012 This list is not meant to be comprehensive, but it will get you off to a good start in preparing for a break in the food distribution chain. In a country as large and populated as the United States this could be a nightmare; -much like it was behind the Iron Curtain in the 1990's. If you have no idea of the possibility of this occuring or what might transpire, we suggest that you start with History Chanel's After Armageddon located on the sidebar under Luminaria/Hope For The Best/ History Channel.Used for the 30 Bulk Food Items iunder Luminaria_Hope For The Best

We suggest that before you spend too much time on preparing your pantry that you start with getting your financial house in order because by time that this list is needed it will be to late to protect your nestegg. At least for now here's some food for thought.

We concentrate on Multi-Purpose Bulk items that can be stored in large quatities in relatively little space. Say enough to feed a family of 6 for 10 years. These will offer comfort and balance to your daily take of Deer, Moose, or Rainbow Trout and your gardening efforts. Some items are not food, so much as what will be considered helpful necessities that can also be bartered for fresh meat, poultry, vegetables etc. should the SHTF. Don't scoff, there is a danger that the dollar could become worthless as more and more derivative bandaids attack our money supply. Our money supply grew 40% between 2008 - 2011 alone!

Check off these items as you aquire them, and then investigate food preparation and storage. You may be very pleased someday. Items on this list can be stored indefinitely if prepared and sealed properly. If you are hungry, you'll ignore the 3 year maximum Best Before dates on your Protein Bars and Shakes.

Bulk Kitchen Checklist

Dehydr. Shortening Many cooking uses., Bread, Cookies, Cakes, Pan Fry.
Please make a selection.
Bouillon products Flavoring, Curing, Preservative
Please make a selection.
Dehydrated Yeast Fermentation, Bread, Leavening, Wine, Nutrition, Probiotic.
Please make a selection.
Pemmican Bulk, Bars Protein and Minerals, Dinner Variation.
Please make a selection.
MRE's High Protein Balanced Meal to boost immune system.
Please make a selection.
Millet Breakfast Meal, Breads, Baked Goods.
Please make a selection.
Powdered Milk Beverage, Deserts, Bread, Soup and Baked Goods.
Please make a selection.
Bottled Garlic Vitamins, Minerals, Flavoring
Please make a selection.
Tang Morale, Variety, Vitamin C Boost, Kids!
Please make a selection.
Dried Potatoes Variety, Carbohydrates and Minerals,
Please make a selection.
Vinegar Curing, Preservative, Medicinal, Cleaning Agent.
Please make a selection.
Dried Fruit Vitamins, Minerals, Variety, Baking, Morale Booster
Please make a selection.
Dried Legumes Vitamins, Minerals, Protein
Please make a selection.
Protein Shakes All-Purpose Protein Nutrition for Intensive Manual Labor.
Please make a selection.
Rolled Oats Protein, Minerals
Please make a selection.
Pasta High Calorie Carbohydrate, Variety
Please make a selection.
Non-carb. drinks Beverages, Flavor Additions for baking.
Please make a selection.
Inst. coffee, tea Variety, Morale Booster, Stimulant, Diuretic Food Flavoring.
Please make a selection.
Baking soda Insecticide 1/2 w/ sugar Teeth, Cleaner, Leavening Agent
Please make a selection.
Rice Soups Side-dishes, Meal, Flour Subsitute.
Please make a selection.
Dried Corn Soups, Cornmeal, Livestock Feed, Grits, Heating.
Please make a selection.
Red Winter Wheat Alcohol, Leavening Agent, Baked Goods
Please make a selection.
Sugar Breads, Cakes, Preservative, Jams, Poultice, Plant Health
Please make a selection.
Salt Preservative, Curing, Cleaning, Medicinal.
Please make a selection.
Honey Wine, Curing, Baking, Medicinal, Morale Booster.
Please make a selection.
Freeze Dried Veg. Vitamins, Minerals.
Please make a selection.
Dehydrated Eggs Vitamins, Minerals, Protein.
Please make a selection.
Dehydrated Beans Vitamins, Minerals, Protein.
Please make a selection.
Dehydr. Margerine Cooking, Morale Booster
Please make a selection.
Dehydrated Cheese Vitamins, Minerals, Protein.
Please make a selection.


The Golden Egg Takes You To The Top


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