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Friday February 10, 2012 Great graphic detailing Federal income and liabilities BUT the same tired entitlements argument. Let's instead, cut the government. The Departments of Energy, Agriculture, NASA & Defense are counter-productive to our re-building this nation (unless that entails raping and pillaging nations like the Nazis did or landing on Mars). Here's a chance to use your conceptualization skills to evaluate value.

I argue that we do not need any of these departments! They are all absolutely useless to all Americans. (Except to those that work for the departments themselves, but the billions that are spent to keep these leeches employed is going to bring us all down). All that these employees do is push paper around and do not add to the productive capacity of the nation. If anything they deter it. Cut a Trillion from the Federal Budget and nobody outside of government or free-loaders would notice it. Except perhaps those associated with the Military Industrial Complex and their lobbyists.

Sure there would be a deepened depression, but it would be temporary instead of permanent.



Pakistani Missile Capability

Thursday February 9, 2012 A Pakistani High Commissioner to Britain indicated this week that Pakistan was pretty much fed up with American War Crimes against Pakistani citizens and threatened action against US drone attacks. In case you did not know it Pakistan has Medium Range Ballistic Missile capabilities to accurately deliver 750 kg nuclear payloads to a 2500 km radius. The map below depicts a launch from central Pakistan (Hyderabad) and an alternative western point to 2500 km radii. Note that Pakistan shares a border with Iran, so one cannot be sure that these missiles could not be rapidly deployed into Iran and therefore higher payloads could be carried and the radii' expanded. Of course it would be more likely that Iranian MRBM's might find their way into Pakistan where they could be fitted with nuclear payloads. Iranian missiles can deliver to quadruple the distance of Pakistani missiles. Either way, Israel will be in the crosshairs in the event of war with Iran. So would all of Eurasia (which includes scores of US Military Bases) and parts of Canada, Australia and the USA. Maybe that's why James Cameron (Terminator, Titanic, Avatar) decided to move his family to New Zealand?

Pakistan is purported to have between 70 and 90 atomic warheads. I would not want to be deployed in the Middle East with Hillary R. Clinton rattling her sword as she does. I like Ray McGovern's idea of having the politicians be on the front lines of any new wars that they propagate and the "First Battle-Axe" should lead the charge in my opinion!

2500 km radius means Pakistan can nuke the entire Middle East!
Now compare this to Iran's capability to deliver warheads below!


The Butterfly Effect

Thursday February 9, 2012 With all the grandstanding and brinksmanship that is going on around us, similarities to the time leading up to the 1st World War should not be overlooked. Do your homework on WWI and draw your own conclusions. All it took was a fluked but successful assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and his wife on the streets of Sarajevo on June 28 1914 to result in 37.5 Million casualties in only 4 years.

Though Congress declared war on Germany April 6, 1917, the US had a small army and had to draft US soldiers which did not enter WWI in any number until the summer of 1918 when it was sending 10,000 fresh soldiers to France every day until the War ended in November that year, so our casualties were not high in comparison to the Allies.

These were the days of empires; -the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the German Empire, the Russian Empire, and the British Empire. The USA was not an Empire yet. Today, it is arguable that we are the only Empire. Do our leaders temp fate? Perhaps we should be voting for people that do not want to follow the insane path that previous Empires proved to be catastrophic.

All it takes is one unexpected moment, a butterfly effect, if you will, to kill millions and this time we could be the front line if the nukes start flying. Who has more to lose?


Casualties of WWI


"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty."
Thomas Jefferson


Where is the MSM?

Wednesday February 8, 2012 I recommend sitting down before you read the following story. Remove all chicken bones from mouth. Take 81 mg aspirin, and a shot of your finest. Not much that anyone can say about this. Click the button to read it in its entirety. TOTALITARIANS are in control of our country. LustCORP, BigCORP, GovCORP, BankCORP are embedded in our thoughts, moves, fears, desires, and habits. Power 101.


Do Our Leaders Know What They Are Doing?

Wednesday February 8, 2012 For the first time in my life, I am sure that our leaders are absolutely crazy. You would think that a life in politics would teach one not to corner a rat. My father taught me never to be afraid to fight, but he sternly warned me not to pick one. The history of America was a pacifistic one until the Military Industrial Complex took it over. Those were arguably the happiest times of American History. Now we're picking a fight with a country with MRBM's with nuclear warheads?! Are we really that insecure?! Do we want to be that bully?! Really?! Look at the photo's of the civilians that we are bombing; -Do you really believe that these people are a threat to us 7,500 miles away? Not as much as the leaders of that country that have the capability of launching missiles at us!

Attack on the drones The Sun London February 8 2012
The nuclear power chillingly declared it "has the means" to retaliate unless the carnage ceases.
Pakistan's High Commissioner to Britain Wajid Shamsul Hasan told The Sun in an exclusive interview that his country's relations with America are at their lowest ebb.
He said: "Patience is definitely reaching exhaustion levels." Mr Hasan said Pakistan backs the War on Terror waged by Britain and the US.
But he urged PM David Cameron to condemn US drone attacks on al-Qaeda and Taliban training camps in the north west of his country — dubbing them as "war crimes" and "little more than state executions".
Tough-talking Mr Hasan also declared Pakistan would have no choice but to support Iran if "aggressive" Israel attacks it.
But his immediate concern is the drones known to have killed 535 civilians, including 60 children, in three years.
Pakistan claims the real death toll is more than 1,000. The unmanned aircraft blast missiles at targets, directed by a computer thousands of miles away. The High Commissioner said: "I think time is running out until the Pakistan government can take a stand.
Target ... Taliban house blasted"They will have to at some stage take punitive actions to stop them. They have got means to take such actions to defend their own frontier and territories.
The US military claim drones have "decimated" the al-Qaeda leadership since 2008 with no reported civilian casualties.
But Mr Hasan said: "We know the damage — destroyed schools, communities, hospitals. They are civilians — children, women, families. our losses are enormous. "Generally people think that deaths caused by drone attacks should be treated as war crimes.
Attacks ... missile
"There is so much animosity that perhaps the Americans are the most hated people in the minds of the people in Pakistan."
Mr Hasan urged Britain to tell the US its drone strikes are counter-productive.
On Iran, Mr Hasan said: "We would not like Israel to attack any country, irrespective of whether it's Iran or any nuclear country. We wouldn't like to be seen as part of Israel's campaign against any country. If Israel attacks Iran, it will have an impact on Pakistan as well.
"We will have to safeguard our own interests. We also have a Shia population in Pakistan who will not take it lying down.
He warned that India and Gulf countries could also get involved in any conflict.
Historian Mark Almond said of Mr Hasan's declarations: "This represents an escalation in tension."


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