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"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life. It goes on. "
-Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

This site is extensive; thousands of articles, videos and commentaries; -but you can search it quickly and effectively.

For example: Looking for 9/11 films simply enter 911 or 9/11 you'll be directed to all 7 feature length films about the World Trade Center Disaster. OR: Food Inc, Music, Currency, Depression, Kennedy, FDR, Nixon, Reagan, Carson, John Stewart, Fiat, Hyper-Inflation, Gold, Silver, Foreign Relations, Missile Capability, Exponential Function, Depleted Uranium, Monsanto, Plunge Protection, Deriviatives, Money Graphics, Occupy etc.




Lost Leaders or Leader's Lost?

Jan 29, 2013 It's no surprise that when you buy an inkjet printer that the manufacturer lost money on the sale. It's the cost of doing business and the device is a lost leader designed to capture your repeat toner business.

So why is it that drivers for these printers are so diverse and finicky? Would it not make sense to make it as simple as possible to add new users, so to increase ink usage? To increase customer satisfaction?

If so, then why is it that when we visit someone's office with our mobile device, and are given permission to use their wireless network, it is often such a dilemma to print to one of their printers? Provided that the host is not purposefully blocking printer access, then HP, Canon, Epson et al should get their act together.

There are too many printer models (and too many new ones being launched daily) to fathom a list of easy printer driver installations, but one ink-jet that definitively is not living up to this challenge is the HP6500 series.

After downloading and installing the driver, one is thwarted from printing, without remedial action (or putting the data on to a usb drive, then copying it on to one of the host computers that have a valid printer setup). A little too sneakernet for the years leading up to the '20's in our opinion. We experienced this annoyance at two seperate installations at different clients, with this exact printer.

HP was once a marketing leader but now it seems that the leader's lost.

Some reviews from others here.

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Relevant & Affluent Mobilytes

Jan 28, 2013 Mobile browsing has increased 92% since 2010. As much as 18% of all web traffic according to a study published by statscounter.

This is a great opportunity for businesses, yet many are failing to take advantage of the easy pickings available.

Web content is just squished onto the smaller mobile screen without taking advantage of a rich interactive capability that could be offered to alleviate an unsavory Mobilyte experience.

Mobilytes are growing in number and are relevant citizens; -often with the most disposable income.

See this The Mobilytes Are Growing.

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Full Of Hot Air


Jan 27, 2013 We do not like business websites, but they are a necessary bookmark.

Typically they don't get read, because they DON'T SAY ANYTHING (they're full of hot air). That's another story that we'd love to discuss with you (copywriting), but the issue at hand, is that we intend to toot our own horn today.

After your first engagement with Comptnt.com (Our sister company), you'll be pleased with the difference from the competition. Until then, this list of ten reasons why Comptnt.com is the most unique computer service bureau in Fort Lauderdale should get you thinking...

10 useful reasons why you should choose Comptnt.com:

1. We do not charge you sales tax.
2. We do not mark-up prices on product.
3. We only do the highest caliber of work.
4. We give you $100 off of your first visit.
5. We dress in professional business attire.
6. We always give you more than we promise.
7. We do same day service at the regular price.
8. We back-up everything before we do any major work.
9. We give you $100 credit for every referral that becomes a customer (and they get $100 too).
10. Convenient downtown Ft. Lauderdale & open Mon.-Sat. 8AM to 8PM (& Sunday for Emergencies).


What is written below is not important once you know the aforementioned, but you're still welcome to read it.

Computing today is much more than sending and receiving emails or making a presentation or website. We use technology to make connections, payments, invoice and market.

Networks, phones, games media and TV are interconnected and the digital world is our playground when everything is working properly. If it isn't, we don't have time to call in a different expert for every quirk.


Here are ten more reasons you'll love Comptnt.com computer services:


1. Whether it is repair, programming, marketing or advertising or design. CompTNT is your connection for all your communications needs.
2. It doesn't matter if you are in Cody, Nebraska or NYC we can serve you remotely and we'll even work after regular business hours (even Sundays) if you can't wait. Whatever the challenge, (databases, websites, networking, viruses, computers, monitors or software) we will turn it around fast.
3. We back-up all your data before performing any potentially risky procedures. None of the major firms do this. Your data is our number one priority.
4. Our wealth of knowledge in a variety of businesses, online marketing and personal computing, means that we have the depth and conceptual knowledge to understand your urgent needs. We are not kids. We are adults.
5. We not only document our invoices in depth, but we document your setup, so that upon future business, we know your passwords and configuration and don't have to take your staff out of commission to answer questions each time we visit.
6. We have a daily blog that strives to make you think.
7. We have a free help knowledgebase that is regularly updated.
8. Daily original art for every blog post.
9. We throw in free labor every once and a while to thank you for your continued patronage.
10. If we promise something and it doesn't turn out to your satisfaction, we accept responsibility.


Active community engagement, sense of urgency and personal service will wow you.

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Notice: Something Different

Jan 26, 2013 The point of marketing is not to make a sale. It is to tell a story that resonates and interests citizen A to purchase, or do something, and then to share the experience with person B; -and so on...

Marketing should aim to ensure that we're noticed for what we stand for.

We notice:

        1. When we receive more than what we were expecting.
        2. When we are pleasantly surprised.
        3. When a friend passes on an experience.

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Becoming a Relic

Jan 25, 2013 Today, I read a 2006 LA Times story, (Underwhelmed by It All) that quoted Nathaniel Johnson, a then a 17-year-old senior at Claremont High School who took part in the LAT/Bloomberg survey. He spoke for the 62% of boys in his age group who like to multi-task. He's a big fan of what the computer allows him to do: "You can open five or six programs simultaneously: work on a project, type a report, watch YouTube, check e-mail and watch a movie."

So much for paying attention.

Though connectivity, mobility and the amount of distractions have become more pronounced in the last 7 years, everything that Nathaniel (now in the middle of the 18 to 35 year old age group known as "Millennials". -Coming of age in the post-internet age) intimated has not diminished an iota.

Millennials have been targeted by viral advertising efforts and have built up resistance. They can spot a shill and won't buy it. Most of them do not own a TV and if they do, it is for viewing anything but advertisements. If you think that you can sell them with old-hat commercial advertising, you are mistaken. They are too distracted. They're probably not even tuning in. Why would they?

The blurred out advertisement for an ADHD medication is an example of the stoogerie that is aimed at Millennials. It was delivered to me during my research for this story, as part of a googleleads /doubleclick ad campaign.

If advertising were denigrating; -insinuating mental problems; -trying to convince your parents or trustees that you don't think straight, be it through Dr. Phil or Oprah; -would you be a fan?

One Mashable.com article claims:

The way to win over these digital natives is to add some value, provide utility, entertain, acknowledge their individuality and get friends involved.

Most importantly, be mobile — it's less a tip than it is a must. Millennials grew up on the Internet, and they're extremely connected. On average, they have 2.4 devices, between smartphones, tablets, laptops and Wi-Fi music players. They're more likely to research a product on their mobile device than Gen X, and they're pretty much always connected.

To me blatant branding appears more subtle than it once was. Major players like Pepsi have opted to sponsor Music Labels like Green Label Sound, with a low key Mountain Dew connection.




Another example of how the message has changed to attract Millennials can be seen by watching the French Connection Clothing line ads. (See below).



Importantly, pay attention to mobile web presence. The old PC desktop website is becoming a relic.


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Your Product's Worldview

Jan 24, 2013 Everyone has a worldview.

Our worldview might be that Starbucks is worth the price, or (those 27 packets of sugar in) one Frappuccino® isn't so unhealthy.

Our worldview might be that Canada has inexpensive health care but one might die waiting for heart-bypass-surgery, so we buy Aflac®, instead of accepting that position in Toronto.

Our worldview might be that the world should stop addressing soccer as football.

Our worldview might be that we should take the kids to Disneyworld in the winter, not Aspen.

Our worldview might be that we should be able to buy songs for .99 but it wasn't always that way.

Our worldview might be that Apple Stock will never devalue.

Our worldview might be that a beer at the fancy bar is worth four times more than the one in the pool hall.

Worldviews influence marketing. We have three options:

  1. Run with the common worldview and give the customer what they are looking for. No need to be creative, just show up with what they want, where they want it and hope that they imprint on you. Hire a pretty model to stand next to the Ferrari. Wait for Lamborghini to place a brunnette, a redhead and a blonde in, on and by their offering. Race to the competitive bottom.
  2. Try to change worldview. No one expected to be able to download Netflix but that is now the set rule of engagement for most of us. If you can accomplish this it becomes very difficult for the competition to challenge (e.g. capital committments, contracts, debt, real estate, training, labor, etc.)
  3. Balk at worldview. Surprise, challenge or do the unexpected. This requires concerted finesse or it's confusing and attacked successfully. Wikipedia buried the encyclopedia business model despite the backlash of antediluvian-minded disdain from college professors. Woodward and Bernstein pale by comparison to Wikileaks countervailing achievements.

We can market ourselves better by knowing which combination of these options fit our capabilities and goals.

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