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Martin Armstrong -Are We Running Out Of Other People's Money? What Happens Now? This Is An Excellent 4 Page Essay Hand-Typed Comparative Financial History Worth Reading (Will Open In A New Window -You Must Have Adobe Acrobat To Open This File)




$5000 Gold By Martin Armstrong

























































































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"Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced. ."
-Soren Kierkegaard (1813-1855) Danish philosopher and writer.

This site is extensive; thousands of articles, videos and commentaries; -but you can search it quickly and effectively.

For example: Looking for 9/11 films simply enter 911 or 9/11 you'll be directed to all 7 feature length films about the World Trade Center Disaster. OR: Food Inc, Music, Currency, Depression, Kennedy, FDR, Nixon, Reagan, Carson, John Stewart, Fiat, Hyper-Inflation, Gold, Silver, Foreign Relations, Missile Capability, Exponential Function, Depleted Uranium, Monsanto, Plunge Protection, Deriviatives, Money Graphics, Occupy etc.



What Makes It Viral?

Feb 4, 2013 Mania is integral in the human condition.

In the mid 17th century it was tulips, and the early 18th the South Sea bubble. The 19th was chastity, virtue and character. Then, flappers, two stock manias, prohibition, inhibition, extroversion, nazism, communism, racial and women's rights, flower power, hippies, the pill and hallucinogens in the 20th. The 21st opened with social networking, plutarchy, YouTube, xenophobia, TSA, bank bailouts, mortgage capitalisation, $2000 gold, the occupy movement, ADHD, Viagra and reality fame. We're only into the second decade. We're in a vortex, swirling in ever tighter circles and everything happens faster.

Three notable aspects of the viral media construct:

    1. Viral is the new 'hyper-fad'; -shallower than a valley girl's sweet sixteen, and as such, each ceaseless novelty rockets, then stalls, plummeting faster than ever.
    2. Ironically, despite the Twitters and Facebooks, the web has fractionalized society. What has evolved is a mass that has less time to ponder Nietzsche, so those ideas don't spread virally.
    3. Ideas that spread in a viral format are (usually) not so important that they become part of our collective consciousness. Visual styles tend to spread better than conceptual because they are easier to understand.

Making a story viral depends on sharing to gain momentum. The following seven tenets intensify the viral multiplication:

    1. It must be understood.
    2. It has to agree with the sender's worldview.
    3. It won't undermine self-identity.
    4. It will affect change.
    5. It is selfless.
    6. Easier to send, than the benefit of sending.
    7. It must come from someone in your coterie.

There's no guarantee that the idea will spread, but it is suggested that the message:

    1. Eschew self-promotion.
    2. Inspire at some level. (Funny, transparent, virtuoso etc.)
    3. Tempt and/or succor. (Photos and short jokes and anecdotes are best)

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Feb 3, 2013 It sucks if your wireless router is low on bars and you're trying to stream the Super Bowl on your PlayStation®.

This pretty host describes how to turn last night's shooter Bud cartridges into a high range wireless NORAD CONR satellite dish.

It may be curmudgeonly to mention legal disclaimers and warnings to not to try to do this at home, but it's not hard to imagine someone losing an appendage while watching this.


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The Knowledge Pageant

Feb 2, 2013 Pressed for a one word worldview (say that fast three times) of the current zeitgeist, I'd say: "plutarchy".

We don't have to venture far on the net (or in life) to feel that the world has divided in two; -a dichotomy of rich and soon to be poor. If not an optimist, one might fear a dystopian future.


We're brimming at the threshold of something big; -a world that's automated beyond our wildest expectations. Fifth Element, Blade Runner; -Matrixian and beyond.

The Raspberry Pi, a computer for children (but much more) will exponentially quicken technological advance. The next 20 years of computer coding copulation that's already been unleashed by the device, will become a new currency. Fluency will be power.



The adult proletariat and bourgeoisie have already hatched products from this module that a few years ago only the likes of HP, AT&T, Apple and IBM would have been capable of bringing to market. Wait until some genius Leonardo-child gets busy.

Now that 15,000 Raspberry Pi's have been donated by Google to the British Education System, it won't take long. The Pi may be the Gutenberg of the 21st century.

The masses will now throng to the Technological Revolution as they once did to the Industrial. The language won't be English, it'll be Python (and other programming languages). If you can't program it will be akin to being illiterate.

New power centers and moguls will rise based on the knowledge pageant.




Buy a few of them for $25 each and you can make robots, automate your home, or make a mission control system for your next shuttlecraft mission. Even if you don't, somebody will want to have it and use it. I mean it's a computer the size of an iPhone and it only needs half a watt of power.

Technology is now out of the bag, all you need to do is learn how to code; -Miss Universe awaits.

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Web Users Make Snap Decisions

Feb 1, 2013 We were wrong. It only takes 1/20th of a second!

News from Nature, the international weekly journal of science claims it only takes 50 milliseconds for us to hit the back button. So in the blink of an eye, we make the decision of whether your site is worthy.

In the crowded and competitive world of the web, companies hoping to make millions from e-commerce should take notice, the researchers say. "Unless the first impression is favourable, visitors will be out of your site before they even know that you might be offering more than your competitors," Lindgaard warns.

Think about that when you are paying for Google adwords PPC or other SEO advertising and marketing support. Click the news story banner for the scientific findings.

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A Dancing Elephant

Jan 31, 2013 Count on half of the new visitors to your site to leave within 3 seconds.

The amount of time that is spent looking at your ads, brochures, business cards, pdf's etc. are staggeringly lower.

So you must entrance visitors quickly with a dancing elephant.

How do you think that is done; -by being another boilerplate website? We'll spare you the blasé examples (An explasé?).

Don't be a milquetoast; -if you're constrained by budget, have some fun and get creative. Visitors might just keep clicking, sharing, buying and coming back.

Try this on as an example of website brilliance on a shoestring:


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The Renaissance Man

Jan 30, 2013 Kitty-corner to the intersections of distraction and complexity, comes a pleasant irony; -we need people more than ever.

Each day has its own meter of complex decisions, whether it be computer hardware, software, communications, website design, database maintenance, product quality, environmental impact, education, auto repair, home financing, stocks, bonds, insurance, accounting, taxes, medical, food, meetings, family and of course the many dimensions of law.

In today's world, just keeping up, might look parabolic on an x y axis. You can't learn everything, but it's useful to be polymathic.



There are however, limits to the depths of knowledge we can attain outside of our own professional sphere and so we need trusted business partners that have rounded exposure, to help us make sensible plays in our weak suites.

No Man is An Island holds so true today. We need mutually beneficial long term relationships as much as, if not more now than ever.

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